What is Angioplasty?

This procedure involves the insertion of a catheter with a small balloon-like device into the blood vessel near the location of a blockage. The balloon-like device is then inflated which presses the plaque/blockage to the inner walls of the blood vessel in order to restore the normal blood flow through the vessel. Sometimes it is necessary to have an atherectomy or a stent placed in the area to keep the vessel open.

Procedure and Recovery Information for Angioplasty:

This procedure can take from 30 minutes up to 2 hours to perform. Typically, you will be awake but mildly sedated to help you relax. An anesthetic agent is injected into the area to make it numb prior to catheter insertion. The catheter can be inserted in through the leg or the arm. A contrast dye is used along with an X-ray to help visualize the blood vessels during the procedure. Recovery time typically takes a few days to a week or more before resuming normal daily activities. Your physician will provide specific guidelines for your recovery.